Profile& history

  • Foundation

    Hvide Sande Vodbinderi / Netop Til Leg (nets for fun / just for fun), was founded in 1932 when the harbor in Hvide Sande was constructed.

  • Today

    Today, the product range includes all types of equipment for the professional fishing industry, and a wide spectrum of nets for industrial use.
    In the recent years, Netop Til Leg has designed a series of playground equipment, based on the materials that is currently used in the fishing-industry.

  • Great experience provides great quality

    Through our 80 years of experience with netting in Hvide Sande, we have long sorted the brands, which are not strong enough to meet the high demands for quality and durability. We only use the best materials for our playgrounds.

  • Developed in collaboration with children

    Our playground equipment has been developed in close contact with children, carers, teachers and leaders in the institutions that have had the early versions for testing.
    The tools have been subject to the children's constant criticism, and we have adjusted and improved - yes, even condemned - new products, after the first users has handled down their opinion.

  • Great pride

    In return, we can proudly present the many tools which has gone through the eye of the needle. They passed the children's demands about tools, which is challenging and fun day after day, and he adults' demands for safety and durability.

We are a part of Hvide Sande Vodbinderi ApS